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The Grooming Table is the first, Axarquia based, 
Dog Grooming Parlour of its kind,  based upon the idea 
that pet owners can, if they so desire, 
stay with and observe their dog or cat being 
Professionally Groomed, or alternatively, 
you can simply drop your pet off and do some 
shopping or enjoy a coffee or maybe some 
lunch or a tapas at a local bar and 
collect him an hour or so later.

If the answer is yes, it's time to contact 
Wendy at  : 
The Grooming Table ​ 

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The World of Dog Grooming

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A dog which is groomed 
every 3-6 months, 
sees the groomer's 
as a  punishment, 
whilst a dog that is 
groomed every 4-6 weeks,  
sees it as a normal part of his
 daily  life !

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Over 45 Years 
of Successful 
Canine & Feline 

UK style Dog & Cat Grooming :
Modern and spacious, salon, providing maximum comfort for your pet. 
No cat or dog is ever left alone in our salon, all pets are continually accompanied from the time they enter the salon until the moment they are collected. 

We provide only first class, 
professional dog and cat grooming.

Canine Groomer 
In Malaga

Prices start from as little as 20€, depending on
type of grooming required and pets size.
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